Person jon = new Person();
int prevAge = jon.getAge();
int currentAge = prevAge++;
jon.setSpouse(new Person(“Indri”));
jon.setFelling(new Feeling('grateful'));

Time move so fast. The preacher said, it is the sign that we are enjoying the life. But we have to realize that we will not live forever. That’s why, we always have to maximize all of our potential. Be someone who can be significant to other. To family, to friend and people around us.

Since the inception of this blog about more than three years ago, almost every year I write about this celebration. Even though somehow, it is too exaggerated saying that as celebration. Actually birthday mean nothing other than the incremental of our life. The faster it increment, closer we are to die. 😀 But that is a good thing that can be used as a check point. Point to evaluate, point to take off for longer journey, point to remember that our age actually is decrease and not increase each years. There will be a time for us to return and never back. Time when heart stop beating. Lunge stop breathing. When life is shutting down.

Almost every year I always make a resolution. I know, also most of that year, that resolution is dying on the first month after its declaration. Resolution sometime is my praying. As the time goes on, now I just realize that, Allah never reject human pray. Allah always accept every human pray. But most of time Allah postpone human wish or sometime Allah replace to something that a lot better. Allah do that for good people, because Allah love when good people patiently make a wish.

My resolution already written in this blog since 2009. Can be seen here:

There are several great thing that was my wish, then Allah postpone that wish and Allah give something that is far more greater than my wish at the first place. First and the most important. I get married last November. With someone that is too good to be true for me. Yes I was wishing to get married since graduated from university. But Allah postponing that until now and give someone that one more time too good to be true. Someone that is not only almost perfect but also can perfecting my life.

Second actually this is pending wish. Last June I fail in scholarship selection. That was make me feel so bad. Continuing study is one of my biggest dream. Fail in last step of selection is make me disappoint so much. But this is the second way Allah responding to human wish. Allah replace that failure with something that I’ve ever imagine. I fail get the scholarship but I successfully meet someone that who will become my wife. Sometime all of this is feel like miracle. Meet on June and get married on November. Insya Allah although the process seems so hurry but everything is already considered carefully. Insya Allah, this marriage is not premature decision. Mean while I want to write more completely about this married process in other dedicated post.

Third, since last week of November, I move to Singapore. Believe it or not, this is exactly my wish list of three years ago. Since September, suddenly one recruiter calling me offering a work position in Singapore. After selection process finally I got the offer. Unfortunately I doubt at beginning. Although this is one of my dream but dealing with change and adapting to new environment somehow bring some scare to me. But I wont wasting this good chances so after consider everything and a lot of discussion with family and specially with my wife (candidate at that time) I decide to hijrah here.

Fourth, several pragmatic wish. Have a nice home, a cool vehicle, enough saving, good career. Those are something that always in progress. However although Allah who decide everything for human. Human also ought to make effort to bring every of their wish come true.

Next is my mission statement start from this year:

  • Continue post graduate study (in NUS perhaps)
  • Umrah
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a car
  • Have children ^_^
  • Take some professional certification (maybe PMP)
  • Improving my bad English 😦
  • Writing book

That’s all for now.

Let this my favorite original quote from myself close this post. “Stop complaining, be grateful, keep chase whatever dream we have.”

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